MAX382 Low-Voltage, 8-Channel/Dual 4-Channel Multiplexers with Latchable Inputs

Product Details

The MAX382/MAX384 are low-voltage, CMOS, 1-of-8 and dual 4-channel muxes with latchable digital inputs. They feature low-voltage operation from a +2.7V to +16.5V single supply and from ±3V to ±8V dual supplies. Pin compatible with the DG428/DG429, these muxes offer low on-resistance (100Ω max) matched to within 4Ω max between channels. Additional features include off leakage less than 2.5nA at +85°C and guaranteed low charge injection (10pC max). ESD protection is greater than 2000V per Method 3015.7.


  • Audio-Signal Routing
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Battery-Powered Applications
  • Low-Voltage Data Acquisition
  • Sample-and-Hold Circuits

Features and Benefits

  • Pin-Compatible with Industry-Standard DG428/DG429, DG528/DG529, MAX368/MAX369
  • Single-Supply Operation (+2.7V to +16.5V)
  • Bipolar Supply Operation (±3V to ±8V)
  • Low Power Consumption (< 300µW)
  • Low On-Resistance, 100Ω max
  • Guaranteed On-Resistance Match Between Channels, 4Ω max
  • Low Leakage, 2.5nA at +85°C
  • TTL/CMOS-Logic Compatible